What I do

I work as a Film Producer, Business Developer and Film & Investment Consultant. I bring a background deeply rooted in the finance, business and marketing industry in Europe and The U.S. Today I hold a position as Head of Acquisitions in Los Angeles, responsible for the Scandinavian and European market.

I am available to help in these areas:

  • Film, VR & Tech Consulting
  • Board Member
  • Strategic Advisor

Current positions

  • Producer & Head of Acquisitions - Sweden and The U.S.
  • Advisor
  • Currently working with three feature films



Engaging with startups is still a new and interesting frontier that has many similarities with film. It requires legal advice, it requires distribution channels, PR and financing as well as a strong team of capable individuals. It is just as important to have attorneys who are deeply invested in the particulars of venture law as well as knowledgeable and experienced founders.

Today's strength comes from being strategic in where to put the finances to work. To keep costs low without jeopardizing growth all while steering the ship in the right direction, together.

Vr & ar

Virtual Reality and mixed reality are slowly gaining traction on the market. I believe it is integral for everyone to know when to use what and why. Deciding on when and where to use VR in all forms requires finesse and strategic structuring. Today its easy to be lured into using VR without a clear goal. At the end of the day, VR can be many things and be used in many different ways but it´s success depends on the quality and reason behind it. As long as the core interests are preserved and as long as you know what you are doing, VR and AR is a great tool.

Film/Television production and consulting

The film industry is growing and it is evolving faster than ever before. I´m not just talking about film trends but also the consistent introduction of new and varying revenue streams and distribution channels. The opportunity for profit grows but so does the concurrence and complexity in the industry. It is important to work towards clearly explaining and navigating the often foggy landscape that surrounds the film industry and plan on how to mitigate risks. There is never a clear recipe for success but just as with any other industry; It helps to surround yourself with professionals and experienced people.

Make sure to draft and negotiate development, production, financing, and sales & distribution agreements by tailoring each project according to scope, size and budget.

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