The DRÖM series

The series DRÖM has finally had it’s premiere on SVT and it’s really nice to see the hard work being up on screens around Scandinavia. The two part series was shot in Gotland, Sweden during the summer of 2018. Dröm is produced by SVT and Palladium Fiction.

During the filming we had some pictures taken which you can see below.

Emanuel Kielin Adam Gutniak and Ylvali Rurling.jpg
bramme hammarström dröm serien.jpg
palladium fiction dröm serien.jpg
drömserien svt daniel bramme.jpg
marten eckerstrom drömserien svt.jpg
bramme daniel dröm svt.jpg
drömserien svt bramme.jpg

Watch DRÖM here:

Some press about the series here: ELLE, EXPRESSEN, HELAGOTLAND, SVD, MovieZine