Quick trip to Sundance 2017

This year I was invited to the Sundance Film Festival to hold a couple of meetings and talk about the new types of financing that are increasingly common in the industry. It was a great trip and I had the opportunity to meet great people and squeeze in some friends and colleagues from Sweden.

sundance film festival

This year I didn't have time to watch any screenings but next year will be a ski and film festival, Park City is a perfect spot to both ski and work. Highly recommended film festival as well, just make sure to book in everything advance! The demand is extremely high before, during and after the festival.

Take a look at the films that were shown this year. 2018 will probably be much more around VR and AR, this year had a lot of new tech companies present, I haven't seen that before so it was a welcomed addition and I believe it will stay like that in the future. However, it is and should still be a film festival so as long as it won't be another tech festival or gathering I will be fine.

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Daniel Bramme - Sundance Film Festival 2017

Daniel Bramme - Sundance Film Festival 2017


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