Film & TV Tax Credit - For tourism and foreign investments

A message to Gov. Jerry BrownMike GattoRaul Bocanegra and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Please sign the bill.

I just read this article written by Dominic Patten in deadline and I thought I might as well try to help out and show the importance of the bill from a Swede's perspective. So here it goes...

Cali Fil and TV alliance


I am a bit concerned about the tax credit bill (AB 1839). I am one of many film makers born and raised in Europe and I am pretty sure we all will see the consequences in one way or another if the bill is not signed. The California Film and TV tax credit is important for a number of reasons, not only for the film makers in California. As a producer from Sweden, California and of course Hollywood has always been regarded as the place to be when working with movies. Interestingly enough, the productions has not only been regarded as something for the people active in the industry but it has also been the number one reason for people to travel, study and visit Los Angeles and California. Even tough Griffith park is wonderful, Los Angeles is cool and Yosemite is beautiful, it is still not the main reason to why tourists go to California. When you ask someone in Europe about L.A. or California for that matter, people talk about the movies and the dream factory, not knowing it's disappearing. Everything revolves around Film and TV in California, especially for the tourists who are visiting, the incredible amount of money tourists bring in annually is reason enough to sign the bill.

I am writing this because I think The State of California seriously has the number of tourists in their hands. This bill is a great investment for the future and it would be a huge economic loss not to sign the bill.

Thank you

Below is information about the bill - AB 1839