Women in Film - first half of 2017

Three years since my first post about women in film and gender equality in film. What is new and is anything changing? We have seen the rise of questions regarding equality in general in film, the Oscars got a wake up call and much seem to be happening. However, many things are the same as yesterday and it raises the question if things are actually changing and if so, how and how fast is it going?

Susan Sheldman - Desperately Seeking Susan

Susan Sheldman - Desperately Seeking Susan

On a positive note

We all know that blockbusters and big budget films are given to men much more often than to women, when men fail they usually get the chance to redeem themselves, many times with an equally prestigious project. A failure for a female director usually means the end of her career, not even a successful film is a ticket for the next one for women working in film. Hopefully, in a couple of years this has changed and finding a director for the next massive franchise is not about gender, where you are from or how you look but rather who is best for the project. From a financial standpoint, this is always best and as we all knows, money talks.

So, how has the first half of 2017 been? Well, this year we've seen articles like this one Women working in film aren´t much better off then they were in 1998. Deadline gives us a quite negative picture of the industry for women and that bring us down a notch before I even started. I will not go through the numbers in the article but I can say that from the number of women active in film making it doesn't look very good. However, there are many variables to this that we are not taking into account.

No matter how it looks today, things are getting better and will be better even if it takes time. That is not to say that we do not need to work hard and keep working to make people aware. In a way, it is a positive sign even to see articles like the one above from Deadline. People are recognizing that there are inequality in not only the film industry but many other industries and that is positive, I will touch on this later, in another post.

Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman

The news

So far this year there has been many different articles around the subject, women working with film. While some articles are lists of the best female directors like this one from Vanity Fair and this one from Harpers Bazaar others focus on the sexism that is infecting productions and the studio system.

There are many great examples this year of different ways of making people aware of the issues facing women in film. The movie, Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot has been on news several times for different reasons. Fox News talked about Gal Gadot's (Wonder Woman) earnings compared to Henry Cavill (Superman) and other news has been around Wonder Woman and how it's earnings saved the 2017 summer box office.

Here is a list of other articles that are worth mention and reading:

Fortune about Women public boards

Huffington's article in 2016 by Martha T.S. Laham

Wired posted a positive article about female directors

Scott Mendelson wrote a great article in Forbes about women in film

There were of course other articles written on the subject but many more today are positive and talk about the steps that are being made to move forward rather than the ones that pushes us a step back. I believe we need to show success stories more often than failures in order to mentally push aspiring film makers to be a part of the industry. Much more is happening today than ever before and I'm positive we will see a change in a couple of years.

If you are interested in learning more or support the work, please visit Alliance of Women Directors or if you are interested in the work that are being made in Scandinavia, check out Nordic Women in Film or read the blog of Anna Serner. Another great organization is Center for the study of Women in Television and Film they are an important piece of the puzzle and does a good job trying to navigate the issues we face.

As always, thank you for your time. If you find this interesting, please see the update I wrote in 2016 or the articlesinterviews and panels I was involved with later on.

interview: Tastemaker collective

Daniel Bramme - Interview 2017

Daniel Bramme - Interview 2017

I was asked by Nick Arellano at Tastemaker Collective to talk about the millennial age of content creation and the process around some successful structures. I also gave some tips of how to value your time and projects and what it means working as an executive producer.

Nick is a highly professional writer and I couldn't be more happy to talk to him. Visit the link below to read the article and get to know me a bit better.

Talking with Daniel Bramme about how millennials can navigate the creative process.

Papillon - Henri Charrière

Papillon (P.S.)
By Henri Charriere

This could be the most important book I've ever read. It opened my eyes in a number of ways and with it's many ups and downs it should be in everyone's library.

Papillon, was published in France in 1968, written by Henri Charrière and was going to be the book that sparked my interest for biographies and autobiographies. Papillon was actually the book that got me into reading in the first place and I'll try to explain why.

Henri Charrière, was convicted year 1931 in Paris for a murder he did not commit. He was sentenced to life in the penal colonies of French Guiana and became obsessed with escaping the islands. The book Papillon is about his planning and executing of a series of failed attempts over many years and eventually being sent to the notorious prison, Devil's Island, a place from which no one had ever escaped. The book follows and explains the horrors but also the good times inside the prison, all this while he plans his next escape, counting the waves, avoiding sharks or trying to bribe the guards. The story is about hope in an extremely dark world where no one should be able to survive, he did and he tells you everything about it.

Henri's autobiography got my attention from the first chapter and has ever since been with me in one way or another. If you are one of those who see value in reading a good book, get this one. Highly recommended!

Farm Sanctuary’s 30th Anniversary Gala

Tonight was the 30th Anniversary Gala for Farm Sanctuary. Farm Sanctuary work towards a more humane society and are helping thousands of farm animals every year to get a better life, far away from industries and slaughterhouses. I helped Farm Sanctuary develop a relationship with HTC Vive and create a 360 video that showed a different story when it comes to animal handling.

I am a strong supporter of their work towards a more humane society and I think that could easily be one of the most important things you can spend your time and resources on today, helping animals and the environment. Hopefully more people will realize this and start changing their behavior towards animals. I will talk more about this some other time.

Daniel Bramme & James Costa Farm Sanctuary 30th Anniversary Gala

Daniel Bramme & James Costa Farm Sanctuary 30th Anniversary Gala


I was invited to celebrate the 30th anniversary together with all the other supporters and everyone had a wonderful evening. I wear a suit from Moods of Norway on the picture, great quality suits if you are looking for something different but still Scandinavian design. James are holding a HTC Vive headset a perfect product to use for testing and experiencing VR today.

See what Variety had to say about the gala and read the press release from Farm Sanctuary. I look forward to continue the support of this great organization, if you have any questions regarding my work with environmental issues or want to get in contact with Farm Sanctuary, please don't hesitate to ask me or contact Farm Sanctuary directly on the link below.

Visit Farm Sanctuary and support the organization if you can. It's worth your time, everything helps. By the way, James is holding the HTC Vive VR-headset on the picture above, it is probably the best VR headset today.

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System
HTC Virtual Reality System

Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers: The Story of Success
By Malcolm Gladwell

There is always to sides to a story. Gladwell’s latest book, Outliers, is essentially about those two sides. It is a book about "those who have been given opportunities and who have had the strength and presence of mind to seize them.”

Malcolm doesn’t tell us his life story but some parts are about his mother's heritage and he use parts of his life as an indirect example. He tells other's stories of success and tells the story we all know about famous people, artists and groups to undercut that same story with details and ideas in a new perspective. This is a refreshing idea and it gives the reader an effective escape from the common stalemate they can have with their own thoughts and views of success.

The book is far from the best one I've read but it gives you a simple and easy read about a subject that is close to holy, Malcolm questions the institutions we have today. Success can be fostered and Malcolm makes us think differently, it is refreshing and important.